Remembering A Brother On His Birthday





Missing My Brother

My brother will be turning 42 tomorrow – if he would have been alive to witness his birthday. Oh, how he loved celebrating his birthdays. He would be ecstatic when there were family gatherings and parties, especially his own. When everyone was complete, including his long lost friends, he would wear his dashing smile all night.

And food – too much food – was one of his weaknesses. He would eat breakfast three times – once in their house, another at my mom and dad’s, and third at mine. That’s why despite the drug addiction that he was into and the many problems he had, he never looked like someone who was broken inside.

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How To Prepare Yourself for the Death of a Terminally-ill Loved One

If there’s one thing you and I have in common, it’s the fact that we all have experienced a death of a loved one/relative/friend or know someone who has been in that situation and lost a family member/friend/etc. Death is an inevitable part of life that we would all have to face at some point. But the silly thing is, no matter how much we understand and know that it would hit us or someone we know, we all still get surprised when it happens.

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How Traveling Helps You Grieve

In the movie ‘Wild’, the main character Cheryl Strayed hiked 1,100 miles of the Pacific West Trail as her own way to cope with the loss of her mother. This experience had made a huge impact on her healing process. While hiking a 2,650-mile long terrain may seem a bit over the top, traveling may help you cope with your loss in the way Cheryl Strayed’s hiking trip did to her.

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