Coping With Bereavement, Going On With Life


Whether the death of a loved-one is expected due to a chronic illness or from an untimely demise brought about by accidents, the grieving process is a huge and stressful challenge. It feels like a part of your body has been amputated, a big part of your life has been taken away, a permanent loss of something very significant. An inevitable part of life that will require you to reprogram and restart a new chapter without them. So, how do we stay strong from this powerful blow of life? How do we cope with this stressful event and move on to the next chapter of our lives bringing only memories of the ones dear to us?

Ways to Cope with Bereavement

Most of the religions believe in a life after death. Having the faith based on your religion can be helpful in this healing process. Also, surrounding yourself with people who can fill in the emptiness and serve as your support system can be helpful. Remind yourself of a purpose driven life that he/she lived. Remember that his/her life is a celebration and inspiration to others.

Pour your emotions out. Be honest with your feelings. Crying eases up the tension you feel inside. Suppressing tears and bottling emotions is not healthy. Talk to others about your feelings and how significant the person is to you. There are counseling and therapy about grief and bereavement available so you can gain support by sharing your feelings with others.


Channel your energy by indulging in activities that bring joy and fulfillment to your life. Not necessarily involving with activities that remind you of the person, but new personal hobbies and interests you can learn and develop. For example, you can spend time in the park to read a book, meditate or try gardening. Express your feelings by writing poems, composing songs or creating works of art that depict the life of the person who passed or how you feel.Grieving may also affect your physical health, as this experience is very much draining. Monitor and maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle as increased levels of stress weakens your immunity.

Consider getting a pet such as a cat or a dog so you will have someone to receive the love and care you initially have poured to somebody who passed. Create life to celebrate a life that was lost. Allow yourself to remember dates that are significant to you and to the person who passed. Use this time to honor him/her on his/her birthday or anniversaries. Offer acceptable spiritual or religious practices.


Moving on

Definitely, there is no one size fits all kind of tips that will work for everyone. Some people go through the process quicker than others. This varies from every individual. Finally, be reminded that no matter how bad, depressed and gloomy you feel right now, the process of opening a new chapter of your life is something you should look forward to. The plans you’ve made and the landscape of the future you have foreseen may have dramatically changed, but these changes will become more familiar. You will be more aware of it gaining control over your feelings and eventually one day you will wake up ready to face and welcome the new chapter of your life.

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