Coping with the Suicide of a Loved One

Coping with the death of your loved ones can be extremely difficult. The manner of their death can also become a contributory factor to this difficulty. Sometimes, it is just unimaginable to grasp the death of a loved one who committed suicide. Here are some of the things you can do to cope better with this dilemma:

Seek Support from People with the Same Cases

This is an unspoken rule in moving on from the death of your loved ones. When dealing with the death of your loved ones who committed suicide, it is best to be accompanied by the people who are also experiencing the same grief. Being with these people helps you compose your thoughts as to how you can easily cope with the shock and denial. Be with their parents, friends, and relatives. It will help you gain a more thorough understanding of the situation which will eventually lead to acceptance.


Be Expressive of Your Thoughts with Others

You should also express your thoughts when dealing with this kind of grief and trauma. It will be helpful to acknowledge that the emotion existing within you may consume you at the moment. By expressing your thoughts, you can confirm your assumptions, beliefs, and any possible misconceptions forming at the back of your head.


You may also undergo a professional counseling for help. This will help you ensure the integrity of your mental health throughout the phase of grieving.


Take a Leave or Vacation from Your Current Life

Another way to have a grasp of what just happened is to take a quick break from your current life. You may want to be away from a stressful environment which prevents you from having a clear mind to rethink and understand the situation. Through this, you can easily pass the various stages of grief without sacrificing your mental health.


You may opt to go to the nearest beach or to the nearest chapels. You may also consider having your time alone at home, as long as it serves the purpose of giving you a private time for reflection.


Consider Every Decision that You Will Make

You should also become wary of all the possible decisions that you will make during this timeframe. Every major decision during this time can be considered as a product of a fuzzy mind. You might be tempted to initiate investigations about their immediate passing. You might also be tempted to confront the people who you thought might have any involvement with the case. Hasty decisions will not only prevent you from moving on, but will also complicate the situation for anybody else undergoing the same mourning.


This is a very sensitive topic to cover. Therefore, there are no strict guidelines to help you cope with such a loss. Sudden death from suicide can only be grasped by a clear and open mind. Make sure to always have enough room for answers and reasons. These simple guides will help you on your first step in the recovery process. Hopefully, it will lead to a lifetime acceptance.


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