Memorialize your Mother

When your mother dies, there is nothing like it. There you are, going along in your life as normal when suddenly all these uncomfortable feelings show up. You feel sadness, anger, betrayal, fear, guilt, hurt, loss, you are overwhelmed, and even panic. Where did all this come from? They are all part of your feelings of grief. I feel for you in your grief but you can handle it. You will survive. However, if you are struggling to cope with loss and depression, seek advice from free online counseling.

Even if your mother was very old, you still tend to feel a lot of negative emotions when she dies and often you don’t know what to do about them. Most people allow themselves to cry for a few days around their friends and family and then only cry alone. They think of their loss and cry. This can continue for weeks, months, even years. Some people can’t stop crying because something will trigger their memories of their mother and make them cry again. But we must have to remember that everyone goes there. No one will stay forever. But rest assured they always be remembered.

There is something you can do about it. You can tap away the excess feelings of grief, one day at a time. Even the first day when you hear of the death you can tap to keep yourself from feeling overwhelmed by your negative emotions. Tapping any of your acupressure points helps your body produce serotonin to calm you down. And this manner, it would help you to feel better in a moment. For more assistance in helping you move on after the death of a loved one, contact an expert for free online here for further details.

Points to tap: Beginning of eyebrow, top of the head, side of the eye, under the nose, under the eye, 2 inches below collarbone and tip of the chin.

This is a kind of technique is from Emotional Freedom of Technique or the EFT. To tap away one emotion at a time, choose the emotion, rate it between zero to ten, with ten being the strongest, and gently tap the above points while repeating the emotion. Continue tapping rounds of the same emotion until you can feel it come down to one or zero.

Memorialize your Mother

Once that particular emotion is not as strong you can move on to another. As the strength of your emotions lower you will begin to have specific memories show up of times that you were with your mother. That’s good. Focus on the specific emotion in that memory as you tap. Focusing helps clear the emotion faster. The more you tap, the easier and more comfortable you will feel when you think of your mother. At this point, you can think your mother’s memories with you and smile.

If you have not so good memories of your mother, you might want to get professional help through an online therapist to clear the emotions from those memories. The negative emotions that you have locked inside you from a traumatic childhood can hurt you and keep you from living a full and happy life. My concern for people with traumatic childhoods is that they may continue the trauma with their own children. By clearing their negative emotions from their past, they can be a better parent themselves without dumping on their children.



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