Recovering From Grief In A Chat Room


Grief can be an overwhelming emotion that, if not properly processed and overcome by a person, can lead to deleterious mental effects. People cope in many different ways, but with recent advances in internet technology, seeking for support and help can go beyond the virtual realms of chat room services. This article will introduce different online chat rooms that solely talks about grief, loss and how to bounce back and start a new life.

Before reading on, we highly encourage that you need to remember the basics of online chat room behaviors. Please refrain from sharing personal information or anything that can divulge your identity. We promote diversity in recovering from any mental health issues. However, it is still proper that personal space and identity will strictly be guarded for safety purpose.

Grief Chat Rooms

Grief Hope Network offers several forms of chat rooms that vary depending on the type of loss and grief the person is experiencing. These include chat rooms for loss of a loved one, loss of husband and loss of a spouse, child loss or infant loss, and loss of parents. Some chat rooms are also intended for grieving parents and suicide grief.


Bereavement and Grief Forums from Healthful Chat offers social network specifically for bereavement and grief peer support. As the person may receive immediate support and guidance from friends and family relatives, the continuing process of recovering from a loss can be hard and difficult especially when everybody goes back to their daily life and you were left alone with same feelings of misery, anger, and depression. By engaging in chat room services such as this one, it is a guarantee that there will be constant support coming from other persons experiencing the same emotions.

The chat rooms from Online Grief Support, Help for Coping with Loss deal with numerous types of loss (parent, child, miscarriage, stillborn and infant loss, loss of a partner, losing family and friends, loss of a sibling, and even loss of a pet). They also have groups for those that experience violent death like Suicide Survivors: Help for People Left Behind, Sudden/Violent Death in the Family, and Grieving Teens. Moreover, they have chat rooms that talk about grief issues like grief and the legal system, marriage issues, and dealing with emotional outbursts like anger during the grieving process.

Be hopeful

Recovering from grief and loss does not happen overnight. It’s not an easy process either. You will be fooling yourself if you think you have overcome the feeling of loss and depression after a week or months from the experience. The sadness will remain, but what is more important is the realization and acceptance that you have moved on and can start anew. All these positive attitudes and outlook in life are part of the experiences from people who are active in online forums and chat rooms where they have unselfishly shared to those who are still grieving the most.


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